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For all matters of policy and law presented here, the Association's CC&Rs and ByLaws are the definitive statements, unless contradicted by AZ Law.

The information on this page is for the convenience and reference of our homeowners & residents.  Please check back here periodically for updated information.

For key documents such as the CC&R's, Bylaws, the Cherry Hills Plat Map and a copy of the Association's Insurance policy, refer to the Publications and Documents page .  

Minutes of Cherry Hills Town Homes Homeowners Association Board meetings and the Annual Meetings are available to review in the CM&C offices or will be mailed on request.  For printed requests standard per-page document duplication charges apply. 

Monthly Assesments:
For 2018 Cherry Hills Townhomes has a monthly assessment of $144.00 per unit. 

The monthly assessment pays for common area and front yard landscaping (including water and electric for the sprinkler system), the employment of a professional management company, insurance on the common areas, and catastropic insurance on the structure for all individual units. This assessment does not pay for repair and upkeep of individual units, maintenance and landscaping of unit back yards, or insurance on the contents of individual units.

These necessities are the responsibility and expectation of each unit owner, as is compliance with association rules and regulations.  

Payments are due the first of the month.  Send payments to:

     Cherry Hills Homeowners Association
     P.O. Box 60308
     Phoenix, AZ  85082-0308

Your cancelled check is your receipt.  Cash payments are not accepted.  Our management firm does not accept payments at their office.  There are options for payments through direct withdrawal or online. 

To pay online use the Pay Online page on the Community Management and Consulting website.  Please note that online payments may include service fees.  For additional information and other payment options contact Community Management & Consulting .


Cherry Hills Townhomes maintains a blanket catastropic insurance policy on all the structures in the community.  Payment for the insurance policy is covered by your annual assessment.

The policy assures that in the event of damage buildings will be rebuilt or repaired to original condition.  There is a deductible for all claims; the individual homeowner is responsible for the deductible.  The policy does not  cover damage due to neglect or deferred maintenance, nor does it cover any of the contents of the units.  Homeowners are encouraged to maintain separate policies on the contents of their units. 

A complete copy of the policy is available on request.

A Certificate of Insurance was provided to all homeowners by mail.  For additional copies please contact the Cherry Hills community manager.

Communication to the insurance company is only with authorized agents for the association (the Board or its designee/management company.  If you need to file a claim with CAU please contact our community manager.

Pest Extermination

Cherry Hills Townhomes contracts with Burns Pest Elimination for quarterly exterior treatment for insects.  This treatment is covered by your association dues.  There is no additional cost to the unit owner.

Owners wishing to have the interior of their own units treated on the same day may arrange to do so at their own expense.  Cost to the owner is $30 per treatment.  To arrange for your own unit to be treated contact Burns Pest Elimination at Phone:  602.971.4782 and indicate you are with Cherry Hills Town Homes.

City Services

Trash is picked up on Monday and Thursday, except when holidays modify this schedule.  Blue recycling barrels are picked up on Monday, and regular trash in the green barrels is collected on Thursdays.  Please be sure not to block access to the barrels so that they can be properly collected.


Parking space is tight in our community.  Each unit has a garage and driveway, and owners/residents are expected to use these spaces to park their personal vehicles.  Parking on landscaped areas damages our sprinkler systems, and is not allowed.  

There are limited spaces on-site for guests.  These spaces are clearly marked and owners/residents are expected to keep them open and available for guest use only.

Our street is very narrow, so for safety reasons, there is NO PARKING along the curbs in front of the units at any time.

The only exception to this rule is for commercial service vehicles performing work in a unit.  It is expected that such work will be performed during regular business hours, so there is no reason for any vehicle to be parked in front of a unit into the evening or overnight.

Vehicles not in compliance with these parking regulations are subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense.  Signage at the entrance to the community post parking regulations and information on the tow company should a vehicle be towed.

Only Board Members and the Community Manager may initiate a tow with the tow company.

Unit Maintenance

The information presented here will help you maintain your unit:

Paint Scheme Colors

Cherry HillsTownhomes uses a 3-color scheme using blue, taupe, and white.  This is the exterior paint scheme on file at

Dunn Edwards Paint
233 East Camelback
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone:  602.263.9132

For a printable version of this chart click here.

These colors have matches in Behr Paint from Home Depot.

For a printable document of the HomeDepot color match click here.

French Door Glass Frames/Inserts
Constant heat and blistering sun takes a toll on the plastic grid/frames of the "french" doors on our units, causing the frames to crack and break over time.  Fortunately, these grids are replaceable.

The frames are manufactured by Jeld-Wen Millwork, and are available as special order items from Lowe's, Home Depot and other door and window retailers.

The replacement piece is:

15 LT External Grid Tempered IG High Performance

The replacement includes replacement glass with an inside grill and an outside grill.

Different doors in different units may require different sizes.  Check with your supplier for proper measurement requirements before ordering.

Termite Control
Subterranean termites have been detected at several units.  Termite control is the responsibility of individual unit owners.  Cherry Hills Town Homes Home Owners Association (CHTH HOA) does NOT provide termite treatment. 

These companies provided quotes to the CHTH HOA Board in November 2007.  The Board distributed this information to the unit owners. 

Telephone #
AZ Exterminating Mark Johnson 602.861.2277
AZ Organic Don Calaway 602.923.1457
Bryant Mick Bays 480.545.6252
Burns Jerry Romero 602.291.1371
Truly Nolen M. Carpenter 602.264.6211